Extensive search tools for your Enterprise WordPress sites

Quickly search and find content, blocks, media and more across your network of Enterprise WordPress sites.

Key features

Block search

Quickly search and view blocks used across your pages and post types, with extensive filters to allow for more advanced results.

Post explorer

Explore all post types and pages that support blocks in a paginated view, with a tree display to filter by selection.

Media explorer

Search the images, video and audio used in your network of sites and easily locate the pages or post types they are used on.

Plugin locator

Locate where a specific plugin is used across your multisite network with the plugin locator tools.

Theme locator

Easily determine if a specific WordPress theme is active across a multisite network and filter by keywords.

Post Meta search

Search registered post meta across post types in a single site or across a multisite network.

Save time with extensive WordPress
block search functionality