Post explorer

Post Explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to explore all post types that support blocks in a paginated view. It provides a tree display of all blocks on the selected page, making it easy to find and filter blocks by block namespace or custom keyword search.

This feature is perfect for those who want to quickly check whether a specific page or post is using a particular block, and which attributes are applied to it.

Use Case

Quickly check if a specific page is using a button block and which attributes are applied to it.

“Content Query is a now essential for my workflow. As a web developer, I need to quickly find specific blocks and attributes throughout a site. Contend Query’s powerful search make this task incredibly easy.”

Post explorer features

Powerful search

Filter between posts, pages, templates, and custom post types across your site.

Tree display

You can easily navigate through blocks and inner-blocks on a page by using the tree view. This allows you to find the specific attribute you are looking for quickly.

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