Plugin locator

When managing a large network of sites, it can quickly become bloated with plugins, making it difficult to keep track of where a certain plugin is being used and which versions are running.

Plugin Locator allows you to quickly find which plugins are network active across all sites, or which sites a plugin is active on. This makes it incredibly efficient to remove unnecessary or unused plugins, optimising the overall size and speed of your network.

Use Case

Find which plugins are active and being used across your multi-site.

“Plugin locator has been an absolute lifesaver for me in managing my WordPress sites. We had 200+ different plugins installed across 50 websites, which was incredibly difficult and time consuming to maintain. The ability to quickly find which plugins are being used across my multi-site network has saved me countless hours of searching and troubleshooting.”

Plugin locator features

Powerful search

Quickly search through your installed plugins across a multi-site network

Multisite enabled

Quickly identify where a plugin is activated across your multi-site network

Save time with extensive WordPress
block search functionality