Block Search

With Block Search, you’ll be able to quickly search and view blocks used across your pages and post types. This allows you to easily identify where certain blocks are being used on your website, making managing and maintaining your content easier.

Not only that, but our attribute filters give you the ability to fine-tune your search and get more advanced results. Whether you’re looking for a specific attribute or searching for blocks across single and multisite networks, Block Search has got you covered.

Example use case

Find all buttons across your website that has the colour vivid-red applied

“We recently underwent a full company rebrand, and Content Query made it easy to search and identify everywhere our old brand colors and assets were used.”

Block search features

Powerful search

Easily search and view blocks that are used across your website, and pin the most commonly used ones for quick and easy access.

Attribute filters

If you are looking for a block with a specific attribute, Content Query allows you to apply that filter and retrieve any matching results.

Multisite search

Search for blocks across single and multisite networks. This simplifies auditing and maintenance for large enterprise WordPress sites in bulk.

Post Type search

Apply your search criteria to Posts, Pages, Templates, and Template Parts, and retrieve all results in a single search.

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block search functionality