Enterprise pricing plans

Choose your plan based on the size of your organisation



  • Access to basic features
    • Block Finder
    • Post Explorer
    • Media Explorer
    • Plugin Locator
    • Theme Locator
    • Block Deprecations
    • Post Meta Search
  • Basic support
  • Regular updates



per year

  • Applicable if you employ or engage greater than 250 employees or workers; or have an annual revenue of greater than $10m
  • Unlimited users within your enterprise organisation.
  • Personalised service
  • Influence new features – shape future development by requesting features and submitting feedback.
  • Content Query Enterprise Support
    • Helpdesk support – access to a support desk with a rapid response time
    • Virtual demo we’ll show your team how to get the best from the plugin with a live demo and answer any questions you may have
    • Installation support – guidance on installation for single sites or multisite networks

Content Query is free for individual users and small companies under 250 employees. For larger companies with more than 250 employees or an annual revenue of greater than $10m, we have an enterprise pricing plan, which offers priority support.

We trust our users to honestly assess whether they qualify for the free plan or the enterprise plan, based on their company’s size and revenue.

We offer a grace period as standard which allows new users to download the plugin before committing to purchase. If you would like to continue using the plugin after the 30 day grace period, please contact us at enquires@contentquery.com.

We charge larger companies for Content Query to ensure the plugin remains sustainable and we can continue to make updates and improvements. The cost of the enterprise plan is a fraction of what it would cost to develop the plugin in-house, making it a more affordable option for companies with a need for the plugin.

Our team offers priority support for enterprise users, allowing you and your team to get a fast response should you run into any issues. We can also work with you to deliver demos and plan future features into our roadmap.

If you are on the free plan but later grow to a point where you should be using the enterprise plan, please reach out to us to discuss a billing solution that works for everyone.

Yes, charities and non-profits are eligible for the free plan regardless of size.

If your client’s company has more than 250 employees or annual revenue of greater than $10m, they will need to use the enterprise plan. If you are working with multiple companies, each company (providing it meets the guidelines) will need a license.

An invoice will be raised for the full amount 30 days after confirmation of your enterprise plan. We can also offer monthly billing if required.

Users on the enterprise plan have a 30 day free-trial of the plugin. We want to keep things as simple as we can, so if you have purchased Content Query and no longer require the plugin, please get in touch as soon as possible to discuss a refund option that works for everyone.

We will contact you ahead of time to discuss your renewal.